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Hagenfesten 2018 | 2-5 of August

Since 2003, the festival Hagenfesten enables new and old ideas within music and arts and makes it accessible for an audience in most familial ways. Hagenfesten is shared space, place and time in suspension. The Hagenfesten organisation, consisting of artist-friends and family, propose for the 2018 edition, an international program involving improvised, experimental, jazz and folk music, visual arts, and poetry. Around fifty artists present around thirty concerts and events during a four-day period. All embosomed by the all-inclusive homemade food and the nearness of a lazy river.


Anton Alvén
Love Meyersson
Jens Linell
Niklas Barnö
Anton Svanberg
Simon Skogh

Erik Lindeborg solo

Erik Ronström solo

Kasper Agnas Cirkus
Kasper Agnas
Signe Emmeluth
Julia Strzalek
Mauritz Agnas
Karl-Henrik Ousbäck

Kovacs & Dyberg
Mia Dyberg
Kamilla Kovacs

Linell/Viken/Sollid Trio
Erlend Viken
Erik Sollid
Jens Linell

Marina Džukljev solo

Niklas Fite solo

Norr Om Stockholm
Stina Brandin
Alva Granström
Magdalena Eriksson

Sebastian Bergström Chris McGregor Experience
Sebastian Bergström
Anna Högberg
Niklas Barnö
Vilhelm Bromander
Konrad Agnas

Bridget Marsden
Sandra Marteleur
Erik Ronström

Umlaut Big Band
Pierre-Antoine Badaroux
Antonin-Tri Hoang
Pierre Borel
Per Texas Johansson
Benjamin Dousteyssier
Brice Pichard
Emil Strandberg
Louis Laurain
Simon Skogh
Romain Vuillemin
Antonin Gerbal
Joel Grip

Unheard of quartet
Korhan Erel
Marina Džukljev
Isak Hedtjärn
Billy Steiger

Tuva Syvertsen

Lucas Maia
Léa Lanoë
Pierre Borel
Joel Grip

Antoine Hummel
Erica Zingano
Anderses Jan-Erik Jonsson

Art exhibition
Kurator: Sanna Linell
Jakob Westberg
Tova Fransson
Sanna Laaban
Leonela Lilja
Gabriella Forzelius
Emelie Larsson

Workshop for children
Franziska Hoffmann


Wanna help out? Perfect, we need volunteers. Drop us a mail at volunteer (a) hagenfesten.se and tell us about your experiences.

Pictures from Hagenfesten 2016

Photo: Heiko Purnhagen


The food


Lena Westin – Main chef

 The food is prepared at Hagenfesten and we buy our vegetables from Wålsteds ecological farm that is located 2 km away. http://www.walstedt.se/index2.html

 To dine together is an important part of the Hagen experience, you sit down and eat and there is room for conversation.


Dala-Floda is located 250 km north-west of Stockholm, 50 km west of Borlänge.

Come by car, bus directly to Dala-Floda, or take a bus or train (www.swebusexpress.se) to Djurås, just 20 km away(let us know and we’ll organize pick-up).

Trains in Sweden are booked through this website: www.sj.se



There is a small camping right next to the festival. With a power outlet for caravans. You can find more information on other housing here:

www.dalafloda-vardshus.se – Dala Floda Inn

www.dala-floda.se – Website for Dala-Floda

Djurås Turistbyrå – The tourist center in Djurås.

Our partners



Kulturföreningen Hagen with members. Org. no: 886501-3299

Hagvägen 107
785 44 Dala-Floda

Tele/Fax: +46 (0)241 222 18

info (a) hagenfesten.se
booking (a) hagenfesten.se
volunteer (a) hagenfesten.se

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Presscontact: press(at)hagenfesten.se

Photo cred: Heiko Purnhagen