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Topsi Fest in Dala-Floda, Sweden

22-25 Juli 2021

The insisting bar of music Au Topsi Pohl packs up its odds and ends (including the house band Topsi Unter Haltung, the barkeepers and their spirits) and go for a drive up north to the land of Pippi Longstocking and Bergman to celebrate the joy and freedom of creating and sharing time and space together. Join us for the drama of becoming, again and again, for a 4-day and night fest in Dala-Floda. At least five concerts/performances per day, homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner included. The bar becomes a barn, and Pohlstrasse turns into the river Västerdalälven. Join us for a creative vacation after this crispy year!

You will hear and see in various shapes and conditions:

Topsi Unter Haltung [DE]

(in a new Operette); Marie Takahashi, Prune Bécheau, Simon Sieger, Anil Eraslan, Franziska Hoffmann, Joel Grip, Antonio Borghini, Hogir Göregen.

Urs Graf [FR]

The indescribable group of Prune Bécheau and Adrian Birkenstock-Bardi, with Gabriel Bristow and Simon Sieger

Raymond Strid & Niklas Fite duo [SE]

Niklas Barnö

With trio or quartet, let’s see what he’ll come up with! [SE]

Andreas Røysum, Egil Kalman, Anton Jonsson [NO]

Hagvägen 107
786 95, Dala-Floda

Camping on site for free.
Hotels other lodging and info: https://www.dala-floda.se/mat-och-logi/

Precsale super price for all concerts/performances and food (breakfast, lunch dinner): €150. Or €50 per day.
for more info: [autopsipohl@gmail.com]


The food


Lena Westin – Main chef

 The food is prepared at Hagenfesten and we buy our vegetables from Wålsteds ecological farm that is located 2 km away. http://www.walstedt.se/index2.html

 To dine together is an important part of the Hagen experience, you sit down and eat and there is room for conversation.


Dala-Floda is located 250 km north-west of Stockholm, 50 km west of Borlänge.

Come by car, bus directly to Dala-Floda, or take a bus or train (www.swebusexpress.se) to Djurås, just 20 km away(let us know and we’ll organize pick-up).

Trains in Sweden are booked through this website: www.sj.se



There is a small camping right next to the festival. With a power outlet for caravans. You can find more information on other housing here:

www.dalafloda-vardshus.se – Dala Floda Inn

www.dala-floda.se – Website for Dala-Floda

Djurås Turistbyrå – The tourist center in Djurås.


Kulturföreningen Hagen with members. Org. no: 886501-3299

Hagvägen 107
785 44 Dala-Floda

Tele/Fax: +46 (0)241 222 18

info (a) hagenfesten.se
booking (a) hagenfesten.se
volunteer (a) hagenfesten.se

Switch (a) for @!


Presscontact: press(at)hagenfesten.se

Photo cred: Heiko Purnhagen