More focus to the unpredictable.

Check out the programLisa & Erik’s photo exhibitionPhilipp Schmickl’s travel journal (in german) or Evie Ward’s full text she wrote and read at Hagen!

Hagenfesten is not a festival. It is a fest.
It started because of the need of a gathering. Of thoughts, of cultural attempts, of friends, of friends of friends, of the unknown.

The basic needs for this fest were met in the family farm house located along the river of Västerdalälven in the region of Dalarna in Sweden. A barn. A pigsty. A sauna. A huge outdoor kitchen. Seven outhouses. Two härbren. What more do you need? Since the first festival in 2003, these ingredients, with the addition of a whole lot of fearless, stubborn and sturdy activism and construction work, have laid the ever changing fertile grounds for the uncontrollable meeting this fest embosom.

We still believe we are in need of a gathering. This year all the artists (around 40 musicians, dancers, performers, poets, visual artists) was revealed only at the very moment of their performances. Why? Because we are tired of using names as temptations when the main attraction is a square Ferris wheel.

Images from Erik Viklund and Lisa Grip’s photo exhibition.

Many of these original photos are still for sale. They are 200 SEK each and the money is aimed for buidling a photo laboratory in Hagen. For more information please talk to Lisa and Erik ( Get the number of the photo by right-clicking the image.


You can pay either in the door (card or cash) or through our store (Paypal).

Hagenfesten TOTAL: 1900 SEK /1600 SEK (student/senior)
All concerts, events, camping and food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Hagenfesten WEEKENDPASS: 1300 SEK / 1100 SEK (student/senior)
Friday evening (dinner), Saturday and Sunday brunch. All concerts, events, camping and food.

Hagenfesten DAYPASS: 800 SEK / 650 SEK (student/senior)
All concerts, events, camping and food for that day.

Hagenfesten HALFDAYPASS: 450 SEK /350 SEK (student/senior)
All concerts, events and food from 9-18 or 18-01.

Churchconcert: 200 SEK / 170 SEK (student/senior)
Lunch at the Church: 80 SEK

Below 12 years: Free
12-16 years: 50% of normal price.


Film curators: Pierre Borel & Léa Lanoë
Sauna & Härbre concert curators: Matilda Rolfsson & Isak Hedtjärn
Filmmaker, 16mm: Lucas Maia

Photographers exibiting in the Galleriet: Lisa Grip & Erik Viklund

Wednesday 3/8 Thursday 4/8 Friday 5/8 Saturday 6/8 Sunday 7/8
10:00 Yoga Britta Linell [Galleriet] + Activity for children Britta Wålstedt & Franziska Hoffmann [Stallet] Yoga Britta Linell [Galleriet] + Activity for children Britta Wålstedt & Franziska Hoffmann [Stallet] Yoga Britta Linell [Galleriet] + Activity for children Britta Wålstedt & Franziska Hoffmann [Stallet] Yoga Britta Linell [Galleriet] + Activity for children Britta Wålstedt & Franziska Hoffmann [Stallet]
13:00 [Church] Pat Thomas (grand piano), Daichi Yoshikawa (feedback), Seymour Wright (saxophone), Joel Grip (double bass), Paul Abbott (drums), Antonin Gerbal (drums) & Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (saxophone) [Gallery] Susana Santos Silva (trumpet) & Anna Högberg (saxophone) [Church] Sofia Jernberg (voice)
14:00 [Church] Jens Linell (tambourine, amp, cymbals) [Ladan] Performance – Pierre Martin & Signe Ton [Church] Joel Bremer (violin)
15:00 Härbre & Saunaconcerts
16:00 [Ladan] Film – Jean Painlevé / Härbre & Sauna-concerts Film [Ladan] with music by Niklas Barnö, Joel Grip, Susana Santos Silva, Franziska Hoffmann, Linda Olah, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux & Antonin Gerbal / Härbre & Sauna-concerts [Ladan] Film – Lucas Maia / Härbre & Sauna-concerts
17:00 [Stallet] iMA – Hanna Olivengren (voice, electronics) & Nicole Mazarakis (voice, ceramic pots, piano) [Stallet] Joel Bremer (violin) & Martin Küchen (saxophone) [Stallet] Guro Kvifte Nesheim (hardangerfiddle, violin) & Jonas Bleckman (cello)
20:00 Pre-fest! [Ladan] John Holmström (piano) Anna Lund (drums), Emil Skogh (double bass) [Ladan] Irmelin – Eva Rune (vocals), Maria Misgeld (vocals), Karin Ericsson Back (vocals) [Ladan] Ahmed – Seymour Wright (saxophone), Joel Grip (double bass), Antonin Gerbal (drums) och Pat Thomas (piano)  Post-fest!
21:30 [Stallet] Evie Scarlett Ward (voice, cassette player) [Stallet] Margarida Guia (voice, electronics) [Stallet] Pär Thörn (voice, electronics, strobe)
22:30 [Härbre] Film – Moullet/Smith [Stallet] Jonathan Larsson (accordion) & Oskar Reuter (guitar, keyfiddle) [Stallet] Jonas Kullhammar (saxophone), Marcelo Gabard Pazos (saxophone), Elsa Bergman (double bass) & Magnus Vikberg (drums) [Stallet] Alberto Pinton Noi Siamo – Alberto Pinton (saxophone, clarinet), Konrad Agnas (drums), Niklas Barnö (trumpet),Torbjörn Zetterberg (double bass)
00:00 [Ladan] Strändernas Svall – Finn Loxbo (guitar, vocal), Vegard Lauvdal (drums) [Ladan] Morton – Pat Thomas (computer, iPad), Daichi Yoshikawa (feedback), Seymour Wright (saxophone), Joel Grip (guimbri), Paul Abbott (drum machine, electronics), Antonin Gerbal (drums) & Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (saxophone, synthesizer) [Ladan] The Joe Davolaz – Vilhelm Bromander (bass), Oscar Carls (vocals, saxophone, flute), Dennis Egberth (drums), Joel Danell (synthesizer), Linus Hillborg (guitar), Anders Af Klintberg (organ, lapsteel)
01:30 [Härbre] Film – Jean Rouch (23:00) [Härbre] Film – Badou Boy (23:00) [Härbre] Film – Losier/ von Praunheim – (00:00) Performance/Film – Lucas Maia, Léa Lanoë & Pierre Borel


The food


Lena Westin – Main chef

 The food is prepared at Hagenfesten and we buy our vegetables from Wålsteds ecological farm that is located 2 km away.

 To dine together is an important part of the Hagen experience, you sit down and eat and there is room for conversation.


Dala-Floda is located 250 km north-west of Stockholm, 50 km west of Borlänge.

Come by car, bus directly to Dala-Floda, or take a bus or train ( to Djurås, just 20 km away(let us know and we’ll organize pick-up).

Trains in Sweden are booked through this website:



There is a small camping right next to the festival. With a power outlet for caravans. You can find more information on other housing here: – Dala Floda Inn – Website for Dala-Floda

Djurås Turistbyrå – The turist center in Djurås.

Our partners

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Poster Hagenfesten 2016


Photo cred: Heiko Purnhagen